Kiri Kelly

Kiri Kelly self-portrait (c. 2000).

Kiri Kelly (sometimes spelled Kyrie) was one of the most popular and prolific fetish model/actresses of the 1980s and '90s. From 1986 to 1993 she appeared in hundreds of magazines and videos featuring bondage, spanking, tickling, and BDSM. She has worked with virtually every major video producer including Nu-West/Leda Productions, House of Milan (HOM Inc.), London Enterprises, Harmony Concepts, California Star, Shadow Lane, B&D Pleasures, Bizarre Video, and Evil Angel.

Along with Alexis Payne, Tanya Foxx, and Sharon Mitchell, Kiri is among the few recognizable stars to emerge from the early years of the fetish film industry. But unlike Foxx and Mitchell, she did not start out making pornographic videos.

Early yearsEdit

Kelly with bit gag in Sorority Hell Night. Watercolor by Jameslovebirch (2012).

With a fresh-faced look that resembles a mix of Goldie Hawn and Laura Dern, the blonde actress specialized in playing sweet, innocent girl-next-door roles. Her appealing personality and high tolerance for pain proved to be an ideal combination for creating many memorable and hard-hitting videos.

She made her first videos for Harmony Concepts with Jay Dee. Together they went on to make a number of popular titles for California Star and B&D Pleasures. The burly, heavy-handed Dee gave Kiri some particularly explosive spankings in Sore Subject, Hitchhiker Spanked 2 & 3, and Spanking, Spanking, and More. She also did several CP films for Nu-West as "Kyrie". After a particularly severe paddling video, she left Nu-West, never to return, citing that she had been beaten with excessive force. Her bruises took three months to heal.

Wild Thing (B&D Pleasures), directed by Dee, won the 1989 AVN Award for Best Specialty Video. Kiri, who co-wrote the script, played a Tarzan-like wild-girl living alone in the jungle. The movie was filmed entirely at outdoor locations in Southern California. The film also featured Tanya Foxx in a co-starring role.

Bondage modelingEdit

In addition to spanking and S&M films, Kiri posed for many bondage magazines and starred in dozens of bondage videos, mostly for Harmony Concepts and California Star. This includes Long Day On Heartbreak Ridge, Head Over Heels, The Surrender Syndrome, Gagged, the best-selling Bondage is My Pleasure six-part series and the three-volume Captured Cop series for B&D Pleasures.

Bringing Back Betty (Harmony Concepts, c. 1989) by Chelsea Pfeiffer, pays homage to Irving Klaw with recreations of some of his most famous bondage scenes. In this, Kiri wears a black wig to resemble Bettie Page. Allison Brach (aka Greta Carlson) and Rachel Wells (aka Julia Parton, June Bauer), wear classic 1950s lingerie to capture the style of their bondage model predecessors.

Early retirementEdit

Kiri became friends with popular dominatrix actress Alexis Payne. They have made many films together with Kiri being "topped" by Alexis. Kiri has endured some of Payne's hardest hairbrush and paddle sessions as seen in Naughty Neighbor and two final films for Shadow Lane, Our Sorority and Hard Discipline (also directed by Kiri). After completing those films in 1993 she announced her retirement from the fetish film industry.

Selected FilmsEdit

Below is a list of Kiri Kelley's spanking and BDSM films that include some form of corporal punishment. He has also made scores of popular bondage films that do not include disciplinary punishments.

Kiri Kelly (2011).
  • Desert Wind (Cal-Star, c.1988)
  • Hitchhiker Spanked #1 (Cal-Star, c.1988)
  • Hitchhiker Spanked #2 (Cal-Star, c.1988), entire video, video clip
  • Hitchhiker Spanked #3 (Cal-Star, c.1988), Alexis Payne, video at SpankBang
  • American Spanking Classics 10 (Cal-Star)
  • Riding Master (Home Maid, 1989)
  • Wild Thing (B&D Pleasures, 1989) - Tanya Foxx
  • Spanking, Spanking, and More (B&D Pleasures, 1990) - Tanya Foxx
  • Mistress Sondra’s Playthings (B&D Pleasures/Bon Vue, 1990)
  • Bare Bottom Collection 4 (B&D Pleasures, c. 1990)
  • Rainy Days #1 & 2 (B&D Pleasures, 1990) - Tanya Foxx
  • Latex Slave Discipline (Bizarre Video, 1990)
  • Prisoners of Treachery (London Enterprises, 1990), June Bauer, Sharon Kane
  • Sentenced to Bondage (London Ent., 1990)
  • Villa de Sade (HOM Inc., 1990) - Alexis Payne
  • Sorority Hell Night (London Ent., 1990) - Tanya Foxx
  • Tales from the Whip (London Ent., 1991) - Sharon Mitchell, June Bauer
  • Captured Cop 1: The Deadly Explosion (B&D Pleasures, 1991), Tanya Foxx, Jay Dee, Bill Majors, written by Kelley & Dee, complete video series 
  • Captured Cop 2: The Stake Out (B&D Pleasures, 1991), Tanya Foxx, Jay Dee, Bill Majors
  • Captured Cop 3: Double Cross (B&D Pleasures, 1991), Tanya Foxx, Jay Dee, Bill Majors
  • Special Request II (HOM Inc., 1992) - Sharon Mitchell, BeBe LeBadd
  • A Journey Into Darkness (Bruce Seven Prods., c. 1992) - Alexis Payne
  • Her Use of Force (Bruce Seven Prods.) - Sharon Mitchell, Alexis Payne
  • Naughty Neighbor (Harmony Concepts/Camera Art, 1992) - Alexis Payne, directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer, video
  • Older Men with Younger Wives (Shadow Lane, 1992)
  • Our Sorority (Shadow Lane, 1992) - Alexis Payne, Tanya Foxx, Stephanie Locke
  • Our Sorority – Part Two (Shadow Lane, 1992) - Alexis Payne, Tanya Foxx, Stephanie Locke
  • Hard Discipline (Shadow Lane, 1993) - Alexis Payne
  • Bondage Nightmare (B&D Pleasures/Bon Vue, 1994) - Alexis Payne
  • Spring Fever (Shadow Lane), live Shadow Lane party bonus footage

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