Laundry room

A laundry room is a room primarily used for washing clothes. As such it is designed to handle wetness and often has direct access to the outside.

Laundry rooms and spankingEdit

Due to its outside access and tolerance to wetness it is often used as an entry point to the home when the spankee or spanker has wet or muddy clothing, shoes, etc. When such a mess is the result of a prank or disobedience the laundry room makes a good location for the spanking during the clean up.

Spanking videosEdit

  • Bailey Forgets About the Laundry (Spanking Bailey), Bailey, photos
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  • Jessica Makes A Mess With The Laundry (Spanking Teen Jessica), Jessica
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  • Syrena's Laundry Punishment (RealSpankings Institute), photos

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