Layer cake method

The "layer cake" method is a spanking technique in which a spanking session is given in intervals with pauses in between during which the parent reasons with the child. The principle is to alternate reasoning time with spanking time:

reasoning - spanking - reasoning - spanking - reasoning - spanking - reasoning - spanking.

The spanking is given for punishment and also "to ensure the child's undivided attention". The reasoning takes place either with the child repositioned so that he or she is standing at the parent's knee, or with the child still in spanking position. The reasoning (ideally taking the form of positive scolding) is meant to "provide balance in the child's mind as the parent directs and amends the child's thinking process from the past and into the future".

The spanking and pauses for discussion should proceed at a pace with which the parent is comfortable and the child is appropriately responsive. The planned pauses allow both the parent and child to reflect on the disciplinary process. In particular, it permits the parent to concentrate on one task at a time while gauging the effectiveness. (...) The alternating pattern of reinforcing "layers" spanking and dialogue continues until the parent is absolutely sure that the child has "gotten the message".
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The "layer cake" method seems to have first been published to a wider audience in 2003 on the website Spank with Love, as a contribution by a former public school teacher who "has been instructing parents with great success on how to spank effectively".