Leaning position

An F/F flogging on Folsom Street Fair (2006).
Leaning against wall as spanking position


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #1
Spanking art by Taira Kibato.

The leaning position is a spanking position. In this position, the spankee is standing and leans their hands against a sturdy object such as a wall, or the edge of a table. The spankee's legs can be kept together or spread apart. The leaning position is easy to assume, so it's a common position for introducing a bottom to spanking, or for an on-the-spot spanking.

The leaning position is perhaps the most used position for school corporal punishment in the United States (paddling).

Other useEdit

This position is also used for personal search of suspects by the police (see also inspection).


  • The spankee stands at the edge of a desk or table and places his/her hands on the surface, or clings to the far edge.
  • The spankee lays his/her torso flat on desk or table, but keeps some (maybe 20%) of his/her weight on his/her feet (see half-standing position).