Lesley Saye

Lesley Saye is a British spanking actress, with dark eyes and chestnut-brown shoulder-length hair, who was active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She played mostly spankee roles for Red Stripe, Moonglow, Kane and Strictly English, but occasionally switched. As a spanking model, she made appearances in Kane, Februs and Sapphire. Her name is sometimes spelt Lesley Sey.


Films listed in approximate order of release:-

  • Twins in Trouble (Smax Videos, c. 1997), as Emma, with Sara Benachour & Lorraine Ansell
  • Be Home by Midnight (Smax Videos, c. 1997), as Vicky
  • Late Night Maid (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 1997)
  • Setting an Example (Red Stripe, c.1998), as Wendy, with Miss Chambers
  • We're in Trouble (Red Stripe, 1999), as Trudy Marshall, with Miss Parker
  • She's Got No Right (Red Stripe, 1999) as Trudy Marshall, with Miss Parker
  • Look Back in Spanking (Moonglow, 1999), as Smith, with Jenny Close & John Kirwood
    • aka LQQK Back in Spanking
  • A Spanking in the Spring (Kane Live Event 1999), with Sue Ellis
  • Six Sore Sit-upons (Kane Live Event, 1999), with Sue Ellis, Zoe Rose, & Brandi
  • A Whacking in a Winter Wonderland (Kane Live Event, 2000), with Lorraine Ansell & Sam Johnson
  • Six Burning Bottoms (Kane Live Event, 2000), with Sara Benachour, Sam Johnson, Lorraine Ansell, and Sue Ellis
  • Caning Trilogy, Part 3: Table Dancers II (Calstar, 2000), with Miss Parker
  • A Trilogy of Domestic Discipline, Part 3: Poetic Justice (Kane, c.1999), as Jilly
  • Catholic College Girls (English Discipline Production), with Jo & Miss Lancer
  • Maid for Pleasure (Kane, 2000), as Rose
  • Wicked Whippings (Kane Live Event, 2000), as Tinkerbell, with Sam Johnson, and as June, with Sara Benachour
  • Three Naughty Skoolgirls, Part 3: The Cheat (Kane, 2000), as Jilly Watson
  • Naughty Nurses 2 (Moonglow West, 2001), as Hayley, with Lorraine Ansell & John Kirwood
  • Birchington Manor (Strictly English, 2001), as Kate, with Suzi Martell & Sam Johnson
  • Birchington Manor 2: Unexpected Guests at Birchington Manor (Strictly English, 2001), as Kate, with Sam Johnson & Suzi Martell
  • Birchington Manor 3: Bathtime and Bedtime at Birchington Manor (Strictly English, 2001), as Kate, with Suzi Martell
  • Army Stripes (Moonglow, 2002), with Alison Payne and Sara Benachour