Liane Lauré

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Title page of Jacinthe ou Les Images du péché (1934).
Illustration from L'Éducation de Chérubin (1934).

Liane Lauré was a French writer of erotic spanking novels in the 1930s. She also used many other pen names such as Liane Delorys, Liane de Lorys, Liane de Lauris, and Lucette de Chatay. Her real name behind this author might be G. Donville.


Memoirs of a DominatriceEdit

The novel Les Geôles de Dentelles by Sophia Furrya (1933, illustrated by Jim Black) was republished in 1958 under the title Mémoires d'une dominatrice (in the English translation Memoirs of a Dominatrice) under the author's names "Liane Lauré and Jean Claqueret". It is not known whether the authorship of Liane Lauré and Jean Claqueret is the true one (i.e. "Sophia Furrya" was a pseudonym) or whether it's the other way round.

Stiefel und SpitzenhöschenEdit

A collection of erotic short stories by Liane Lauré appeared in German translation by Gala-Verlag in 1968 under the title Stiefel und Spitzenhöschen ("Boots and lace panties"). The original French title of this book—or whether it also appeared in one volume in French—is unknown, but might perhaps be Frou-Frou. The second story, Colombe, features m/f spanking.

Stiefel und Spitzenhöschen was reprinted by Pabel-Moewig Verlag in 1980 under the Playboy label. While the Gala-Verlag edition is illustrated and hardcover, the Pabel-Moewig Verlag edition, ISBN 3811862138 and ISBN 3811866354, is without illustrations and paperback.

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