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A librarian is a library employee (stereotypically female) who dispenses books to readers and performs various archival, procurement, and administrative duties. They are also responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of calm and quiet within the library premises. Librarians are an essential part of virtually all public, school, and large private libraries.

The type of woman who typically chooses the quiet, self-contained life of a librarian has inspired a broad array of stereotypical depictions based on sexual fantasies that can be found in art and various works of fiction.

Films, drama and fictionEdit

Woman dressed as stereotypical sexy librarian.

Plays and novels from the late 19th century to the present day contain many examples of the librarian as either an ill-tempered, matronly spinster (a stock character used in comedies) or an attractive but sheltered young woman who is emotionally stunted and sexually repressed. Given the limited potential for character growth with the cranky older librarian character, the younger version became far more popular as seen in a variety of media.

The librarian-as-seductress stereotype began to appear in pin-up art and cheesecake photos in the 1940s, followed by trashy, sex-based dime-novels in the 1950s. The milder mainstream version is exemplified by "Marian the librarian" (see Links section below) in the popular 1957 Broadway play, "The Music Man". (Shirley Jones played Marian in the 1962 film adaptation.) The Marian-type is pretty but conceals, and is unaware of, her innate beauty. She typically wears glasses and unflattering prim-and-proper outfits (white blouse, gray skirt, etc.), and restricts her hair in a tight bun, sometimes held in place with a pencil. Bookish and timid, her unrealized dreams of romance are confined to literature and fantasy. Eventually, her drab, lonely life is transformed after she falls in love with the male protagonist.

In general, this character is a variation on the shy, girl-next-door type who is down-to-earth and approachable as opposed to a glamorous and intimidating seductress. The male figure gently coaxes her out of her shell so she can blossom into a fully-realized person with a newly-awakened sexual identity and sense of purpose.

This trope is also closely related to the attractive-but-repressed schoolmarm stereotype.

Examples in fiction:

  • The Lord and the Librarian by DJ Black is an example of a modern erotic fantasy story that involves spanking and a private library.
  • Librarian by Day by Paige Tyler is an erotic novel about a shy librarian who writes sexy spanking stories by night.

Adult films and spanking videosEdit

Starting in the 1970s, pornographic films, and a few exploitation sex comedies (see Tomcats video clip on YouTube), transformed the mousy Marian-type into an overtly sexual fantasy figure. This new, more aggressive mistress of the library is generally depicted as a naughty vixen eager to let her hair down and discard her glasses and conservative attire for the inevitable sex scenes.

Often there is a deliberate nostalgia element in scenes set in school or college libraries which pander to adolescent fantasies of former students.

Two examples in X-rated adult films are Bibliophile (Filly Films, 2013), with porn star/spanking actress Madison Young and Cover To Cover (Wicked), which depicts the sexual dreams of a timid librarian (Jenna Jameson) inspired by history books.

In spanking and BDSM fetish videos (from the eighties to the present), librarians are generally portrayed as stern authority figures who punish unruly patrons (usually female) in public libraries or students in high school or university facilities.

Both the middle-aged matron/dominatrix type as well as the sexy young librarian appear in these stories. The imposing Belinda Clark (aka Mistress Gemini) in Disciplinarian Librarian (Shadow Lane) and the Femdom Your Library Card, Please ( in Pain) are examples of the former, while Spanked Until They Cry (Pacific Force) and Fantasy Librarian (Spank That Brat, 2010) depicts the latter.

Given the fluidity of the power dynamic within the genre, librarians also sometimes receive humiliating punishments at the hands of a library patron or supervisor. For example, in Spanking by the Book (a segment of Spanking 201 by Shadow Lane), a young assistant librarian (played by Stevie Rose) is disciplined by strict, matronly head librarian Eve Howard. In The Librarian's Assistant (Spank Sinn), Librarian Mistress Chelsea Pfeiffer punishes naughty Librarian Assistant Sinn Sage.

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  • Librarian Spanks Noisy Girl in Library (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, photos

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