Library of Spanking Fiction

The Library of Spanking Fiction, also known as The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction, is a free (and advert free) archive containing over 25,300 spanking stories, serials, poems etc (over 54 million words) by over 710 different authors and with over 199,000 comments. Registration is required in order to access the site contents. The site is built and designed by Februs and is powered by the spanking forum Bottom Lines. The other site administrator, flopsybunny is an author of spanking fiction herself.

The Library of Spanking Fiction went online under its own URL on 30 August, 2009. As of July 2013, the site had over 12,600 registered members.


All the items in the library have brief synopses describing their content along with a series of 'content icons' which provide additional information on spanking orientation, age, sexual content and any implements featured. Classification of stories by sub-genre has recently been introduced and stories can now be selected via a set of revolving bookcases which are further subdivided to reflect the age (adult, teen, child) of those participating in the spanking.

A sophisticated search engine allows items to be selected based on a number of criteria and members can also compile a list of items as "favourites". It is possible to comment on or review any of the library submissions.

Readers interested in a particular author can find all their creations on a single 'author page' and featured authors can have a personal bio of up to 300 words as well as a link to their own website and email address. The copyright of all stories in the library resides with their respective authors unless stated otherwise.

The site includes a small forum and the electronic journal Wellred Weekly.

Story challenges are held 2 or 3 times a year in which the library readers themselves can vote on the entries. It is possible to view details of all the challenges held to date without being logged on to, or a member of, the site. In addition, software has been recently added to the site to facilitate collaborative writing between groups of individuals.

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