Gerrit van Honthorst, The Matchmaker (1625).
Pole hanging lamp.
"By the light"

Lighting is the state of being illuminated by artificial light sources (electric lamps, candles, etc.) or natural illumination of interiors from daylight. The term lighting also refers to the (artificial) light sources used. Lighting may be dim or bright, white or colored, direct or indirect. Lighting is a very important factor in all forms of visual art, such as photography, film, stage play, drawing, painting and rendered art. Lighting is well known for its great influence on the "mood" of a scene or picture. It is particularly important in erotica.

Dim lightingEdit

In a spanking scene, lighting often plays a role. The setting for a spanking may entail darkness or dim lighting, which may bring on feelings of fear in the spankee, but can also help the players to relax and enjoy the sensual sensations. Dim lighting and candlelight are very popular in BDSM settings, to create the mood of a dungeon. The parties may agree to preset lighting. For example, concealed night-lights may offer limited illumination over the bed area. Thus, the bottom's bare buttocks are presented to the spanker in an erotic manner.

Bright lightingEdit

Some spankophiles, especially ageplayers, find dim lighting inappropriate for their preferred roleplay settings, which are not those of a dungeon but of a normally lit place, e.g. of a family home or a schoolroom.

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