Li'l Jinx

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", Daddy!" Artwork by Joe Edwards.

Li'l Jinx was a fictional comic strip character published by Archie Comics between the late 1940s and the early 1980s. Created by American cartoonist Joe Edwards in 1947, Jinx's adventures centered around the amusing and sometimes antagonistic relationship between a high-spirited little girl and her long-suffering father. Introduced in the back pages of Pep 62, the character held her own title between 1956 and 1957, then moved onto sideline fillers in a variety of Archie titles. She enjoyed a brief revival in the early 1970s in the double-sized Li'l Jinx Giant Laugh-Out (1971-73), then was finally relegated to the 'twilight zone' of Archie Digest reprints.

Like most of Archie's output of the time, the stories were well-written and genuinely funny, offering some keen insights into family life. Despite Jinx's frequent misconduct, spanking scenes were surprisingly rare - Hap Holiday tended to view his daughter's antics more with a rueful smile than anything else. However, when Jinx's behavior required a firm hand, spanking was usually depicted OTK and on the panties - a common visual convention of the period. In most cases, the image was played for its humourous aspects; employed as a punchline to a story or a 'blackout' concluding a running gag - another long-standing practice of the Little Girl genre.

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