Lise fessée

The cover of the first (1910) edition of Lise fessée is in Art Nouveau design and bears Pierre Dumarchey's real name.
Cover of a later edition (c. 1912), still very Art Nouveau, illustrated by Louis Malteste, with the author's name changed to "Sadie Blackeyes".
Title page of the 1912 or a later edition.

Lise fessée is a French spanking novel by Pierre Dumarchey. It was first published in 1910 by Jean Fort, Paris.

The title "Lise fessée" translates to "Spanked Lise". The novel's subtitle "Roman sur la flagellation à l'école et dans le monde" translates to "A novel of flagellation at school and in the world".

The novel tells the story of Lise, a young girl from the haute bourgeoisie, who experiences a reversal of fortune and becomes subject to various cruel treatment and flagellation.

Illustrations and reprintsEdit

The first (1910) edition was illustrated by Jean Leprince and Ludovic Riezer, which is a pseudonym of the author, Pierre Dumarchey.

The 1912 and following editions were illustrated by Louis Malteste.

Later reprints (c. 1921) were published by Jean Fort's Collection des Orties Blanches. In the 1912 and later editions the name of the author is given as Sadie Blackeyes, a pseudonym of Dumarchey. In a later edition (c. 1927), the title was shortened to Lise.

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