Little Dragon Kid

Example of an artwork (M/m) by Little Dragon Kid

Little Dragon Kid (also spelled LittleDragonKid) is a contemporary spanking artist who creates rendered spanking art with DAZ Studio, improved/modified with Gimp.


The artist creates sequential art ("comics") and also standalone artwork. Practically all is child spanking art, with spankees ranging from toddlers to teenagers, and all kinds of spankers. There is a wide variety of settings and pairings.

Little Dragon Kid shares a selection of their artwork on Pixiv and more on a Pixiv Fanbox named "Spanktastic".


Caught on the Playground Series (2020)Edit

This series is F/m.

Claire in Trouble Series (2020)Edit

This series is M/f.

Boy did steal (2020)Edit

This series is MF/m. The following is just an excerpt.