Long spanking

This bottom has obviously had a good and long spanking.

A long spanking is a spanking that goes for a long time — 10 minutes at least, often 20 to 40 minutes, in extreme cases more than an hour. "Long spanking" is the opposite to spanking concepts such as "six of the best" (often featured in vintage British caning videos) which are designed to be intense but short.


First the hand, then the birch. Drawing by Louis Malteste.

Long spankings typically begin with a slow warmup phase of light slaps, designed to gently warm up the spankee's buttocks. In this initial phase, the spankee might actually wish for a harder spanking that was over more quickly, but this is not granted: the spanker demonstrates they set the pace and have all the time in the world for the punishment. The warmup phase gradually progresses to the main phase which is real spanking, smarting but well within what the spankee can take. The spanker will often make short pauses, in which they might rub the spankee's bottom or do other things, and then continue the spanking. Following the crescendo principle, a long spanking session might finally come to its peak and end with a set of harder spanks for a good finish.

A long spanking might also begin on the clothed bottom, then after a while on the seat of the underwear, then after another while on the bare bottom. Or it might begin as a hand-spanking and then later on various implements are used, each giving a new type of sensation.

For obvious reasons, the number of spanks in a long spanking can not be counted, and since the spanks are so numerous and comparatively light their number is not very relevant anyway.

Possible issues and solutionsEdit

Because of the long duration, issues such as the following may be encountered:

If the spanking goes for too long without variation, one or both partners might get bored or frustrated. To avoid this, one can vary the technique, position, do creative things in the pauses, spank a little harder, and/or keep one's and the partner's mind busy with words.
Hand tiring
Solutions are to take breaks whenever needed, to change the spanking hand after a while, to change over to a second spanker, to use a glove, and/or to use a (mild) implement.
The spankee can get cold with time, especially in their back/kidney region, legs and feet. Solutions are to use a comfortably temperatured room, to give the spankee a hot bath or shower before (which helps keep their body warm for longer), and/or to refrain from baring these body parts.
The spankee can also get overheated. If the room is warm enough, full nudity can be best, otherwise light clothing (e.g. sleepwear) is often ideal. It's a good idea to check regularly how the spankee is doing comfortwise. Also check for excessive sweating or cold sweat. For the spanker, wearing light and not too much clothing is usually best as well — it's a good idea to take one or two garments off before beginning, as the spanker will quickly warm up with the exercise.
The spankee, and/or the spanker, can become uncomfortable in the spanking position with time. Pains, e.g. in the back, or muscle cramps, can result. These can quickly spoil an otherwise enjoyable long spanking and should be taken seriously in the interest of safety and health. Solutions are to ensure the position is as comfortable as possible, using any support under the body (e.g. cushions) that might help improve it, to check and modify the position regularly throughout the spanking session, and/or to use pauses to change into completely new positions. It also helps if the spankee does not remain too still but is permitted/encouraged to move their body during the spanking.
Breath/circulation issues
As a precaution, ensure the spanking position puts as little stress as possible on the spankee's chest area and their mouth and nose are uncovered so that they can breathe easily. Do not use gags of any kind. Allow the spankee to rest some of their upper body's weight on their hands/elbows. Don't spank too hard or too fast, and take pauses whenever either the spanker or the spankee seems to be getting short of breath. If any signs of breath or circulation issues occur, stop at once and get out of position to recover, check if medical treatment is needed, before deciding whether to continue the play or not.

Suitable positionsEdit

For the spankee, the most comfortable position for long spanking sessions is probably the lying position — lying prostrate on some kind of mattress. A bed, bondage bed, massage table bondage table, spreadeagle table etc. is well suited. The standard OTK position is not ideal because it can put too much pressure on the abdomen/chest area and also lacks head support, resulting in possible cervical spine issues. The frontal over-the-lap position is a better OTK variant because the spankee can rest some of their weight on the bed/couch, and can rest their head in their arms. The supported OTK position is even better. The half-standing position, too, can be good for lengthy spankings if the spankee's torso rests on a padded surface — e.g. a big pillow placed on a table. Also, a padded spanking bench, a padded spanking block or a padded birching horse can offer good support for long sessions — if the item is well designed and has the right measurements for the spankee's body proportions.

For the spanker's comfort during longer sessions, the spankee's bottom should be in a convenient distance, height and angle. Positions that require the spanker to kneel, to bend over the spankee, or to bend the side to reach the target area are not ideal. Standing or sitting with an upright back is best. The OTK position is good for the spanker's upper body, but can tire the spanker's legs unless the spankee is very lightweight. Placing some sort of padding on the spanker's lap,for example a towel or a cushion, can help distribute the weight better. Sitting on a couch or side of bed in such a way that some of the spankee's weight is taken off the spanker's lap also helps greatly. Some sort of support behind the seated spanker's back is also helpful — for example sitting on a bed with one's back against the wall, padded by a pillow.

In spanking fictionEdit

Vintage drawing of an imagined spanking machine.

Long spanking sessions are not unfrequent in spanking fiction. An example is the story The Long Afternoon, chapter 4 of Melody's Stories by Lurking Dragon, in which Melody gets spanked by her mother for a whole afternoon.

The "long spanking" concept is also often found in combination with fictional spanking machines. A machine can be easily set up to deliver spankings for any wanted duration. Once set and started, the machine would administer spanks without cease until the programmmed time was reached, or number of spanks had been given. This potential is one of the reasons for the appeal of the concept of the spanking machine.

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