Lucy Bailey

Lucy Bailey is a British spanking model and spanking actress who has also worked under the names of Juliet Tessler, Dawn Davies, Eve Harper, and Sidonia von Bork. A short blonde, with a well-rounded bottom, she made most of her appearances as a spankee in the 1990s and very early 2000s, working chiefly for Moonglow, Strictly English and Miss Marchmont. She typically utters a distinct ‘Ow!’ in reaction to each spank or stroke of the cane.

Early historyEdit

Born around 1970, Lucy Bailey harboured private spanking fantasies for many years before she made contact with the Moonglow Club in the early 1990s. She found by attending spanking parties that she loved to be beaten in public. Soon she acted in two Moonglow films directed by John Kirwood, Flatmates’ Discipline and Marriage Guidance. Moonglow billed her as Dawn Davies (confusingly, as a British glamour model of this name had also made at least two spanking videos around a decade earlier).

Modeling for JanusEdit

Lucy made her debut as a spanking model in Janus 95 in 1992, portraying a secretary called Juliet Tessler in a photo-fantasy entitled ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’. Janus retained this name for her whenever she re-appeared in the magazine.

‘Military Discipline’, a photo-fantasy in Janus 129 (1999), showed her undergoing chastisement as a member of the Women’s Royal Army Corps. In ‘Academy Offence’ (Privilege Club #13, 2001), she depicted a librarian.

Spanking video productionEdit

In an 1999 interview in Janus 132, Juliet/Lucy was critical of the quality of spanking videos in general, observing that they were ‘badly acted with little thought given to plot or costumes’. Moonglow’s Flatmates’ Discipline struck her as ‘surely the worst spanking plot ever written’.

She thought more highly of her work for Red Stripe and Strictly English, but still aspired to make films with greater appeal to women. Miss Marchmont’s English Spanking Society enabled her to achieve this, working with Nina Birch and Tiffany Jones.

Drawing on her personal fantasies, Bailey wrote, directed, and acted in a series of short spanking films with unusually high production values, among them Sense of Sensibility, Thorncroft Reformatory, and Late for Parade. When playing dominant roles, she called herself Miss Eve Harper.

Book and magazine writingEdit

In 2000, Miss Marchmont also published her 72-page instructional book, The Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment… Or how do I get my partner interested in spanking?. It derived from articles that she had written for Fetish Times Magazine and Janus (issues 134-136). In 2001, Kane #87 printed an extract on caning. As Juliet Tessler, she also contributed a short story to Janus 124 (1998); ‘My Fantasy’ described the beating of a servant girl by her master.


During her comparatively short career in spanking cinema, Lucy Bailey made a high proportion of memorable films, thanks to her efforts to raise standards in the genre. She turned decisively to BDSM in the early 21st century, practising as a dominatrix under the name of Sidonia von Bork.

Spanking videosEdit

  • Amateur Spankings, Vol. 1 (Strictly English)
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.1 (Strictly English c.1995)
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.2: Tennis Girls (Strictly English c.1995)
    • Released as five clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 33-37
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.3: Spanked in Black Stockings (Strictly English c.1995)
    • Released as six clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 38-43
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.5 (Strictly English 1995)
    • Released as nine clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 55-63
  • Caned for a Passion (Spanking for Pleasure)
    • aka Well Done, Lavinia, aka The Wine Tasting
  • Detention (Strictly English, c.1995)
    • Released as six clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 2-7
  • Flatmates’ Discipline (Moonglow W07 1996), as Debbie
  • Girl On Girl Spanking Special Vol. 1 (Strictly English)
  • Harsh Medicine (Miss Marchmont), as the Ward Sister
  • The House, Part 2: The Bathroom (Strictly English), as Annabelle
    • aka Spanked from Dawn to Dusk Part 2 (2003)
  • Late for Parade (Miss Marchmont)
  • Lucy’s Lucky Dip (c.1993)
    • Released as four clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 49-52
  • Marriage Guidance (Moonglow W12)
  • Next! (Unique Angle/Miss Marchmont), as Miss Eve Harper
    • aka Headmistress of Briar Hill, aka Young Ladies’ Punishment
  • Nina Birch - My Fantasies, Vol.1, Part 2: Strict Headmistress (Miss Marchmont), as Miss Eve Harper
    • aka Discipline Academy: Strict Headmistress
  • Office Discipline, Part 1 (Miss Marchmont)
  • Rattan College 3: Rhyme and Reason (Moonglow C05 1996), as Virginia Bottomley
    • aka Impertinence
  • Sense and Sensibility (Fantasies UnLtd./Miss Marchmont), as Evans
    • aka Days Gone By Part 1
  • Spanking Dreams, Part 2: Maid for the Birch (Moonglow C13 1996), as Lucy
  • Temperature Rising (Strictly English 1996), as Sister Bottomley
  • Temperature Rising Higher (Strictly English 1996), as Sister Bottomley
  • Thorncroft Reformatory (Miss Marchmont 2001), as Susan
    • aka Days Gone By Part 3.
  • Two for the Crop (Moonglow), as Mary
  • Washday Blues (Strictly English) as Jenny
    • aka Spanked from Dawn to Dusk Part 1 (2003)
  • Wet and Spanked (Strictly English), Swimming pool scenario
  • What Katie Did (Miss Marchmont), as Miss Williams
  • You Two Again? (Red Stripe 1996), as Emma