Lucy McLean

Lucy McLean is a Scottish spanking actress, and is a well known member of the corporal punishment scene in the UK. A genuine lifestyle switch, she is well known for her talents as both submissive and dominant. She is affectionately known as "Queen Of The Scottish Scene".


Lucy McLean started her career with a spanking club in London where she met her husband, Paul Kennedy. Paul co-owned that spanking club and is a fetish photographer in his own right. They married in 2004 in a ceremony attended by friends and family and many of producers and stars of the UK CP scene. With Paul, she developed the first Scottish spanking scene in 2000, under the banner of Actually Spanking in Scotland (ASS) and later changed their name to The Northern Spanking Institute (NSI) in 2003. Lucy and her team provide parties and sessions for CP enthusiasts in Scotland.

In 2001, she helped Paul develop a website for their club Northern Spanking, and with the help of their webmaster Billy Kuranes, it is now one of the biggest spanking sites on the net. Lucy's debut screen role was in the 2002 production The Headmaster, the Policewoman and the Schoolgirls for the British spanking magazine, Kane. From there she became a "Kane Kutie" and still regularly appears at Kane's spanking parties. After her first film, Lucy went on to appear in other films for Kane as well as Moonglow and her own production company, Northern Spanking. Between 2004 and early 2006 she co-owned The Cheeky Girls and developed it to become one of the biggest and most renowned spanking clubs in the UK.

2004 also saw the launch of Spanking BBW, a website created by the Northern Spanking team dealing exclusively BBW spanking. Based on her own popularity Lucy, a BBW herself at the time, identified the potential for growth in this market. Although no longer a BBW or "big girl" herself, Lucy still works hard in the spanking scene to establish the desirablity of fuller figured women. More recently she has taken on the role of "Evil Matron" inside Leia-Ann Woods's new women's prison spanking website Bars and Stripes (site). Matron is a vicious, venomous demon of a woman who delights in torturing the young inmates.

Lucy, a former primary school teacher, has since studied at The Metropolitan Film School in London. Using the skills she learned there, she is working on projects to develop better quality films within the British spanking scene. She is also currently working on her first mainstream feature film. She directs and produces films for her own production company, Northern Spanking. In addition, Lucy regularly writes for Kane Magazine, as well as writing the occasional interview and article, she is the magazine's current Agony Aunt following the retirement of Sarah Veitch from this post.

Lucy still lives in Scotland with her husband and often travels all over the country to indulge in her favourite spanking activities.