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Lupus Pictures ("Werewolves from the East"), based in Prague in the Czech Republic, has been a major producer of upscale spanking films from 2002 to 2012. Formerly called Rigid East, which released its first film in 1997, the company is known for its high production values, elaborate plots, and use of authentic period costumes, settings and props. Their videos are known for portraying especially severe punishments (typically canings). Their original name, Rigid East, was probably a mistranslation, intended to mean "Strict East". (Their subtitles are also poorly translated into broken English and are often unintentionally humorous as a result.)

Film categoriesEdit

Their films fall into three main categories: contemporary stories, historical period piece tales, and fantasy. A number of period films set during the Stalinist era, such as Comrade Balcar and the Red Reformatory and Stalin series, also have a strong anti-Communist political message and/or satire. Stalin II and Stalin III are based on real events and also show the influence of the brutal Women in Prison films of the seventies.

Fantasy stories based on folklore with supernatural elements include Fairy Tale, Fairy Tale 2: The Magic Purse, And for You I Will Come as Well, The Warlock's Revenge, and The Girl Next Door.

In addition, a later development is the "Lupus Dreams" series of mostly short fantasy-based films. This series includes A Reasonable Explanation, And it's Gonna Get Worse..., Wasted Money, The Cell, Uncle, and Ponygirl.

Genre stories, homages and parodiesEdit

Lupus is probably best known for its multi-volume From the Headmaster's Study series which is set in a girls' school in the 1900s. All of these films feature pretty schoolgirls in quaint period costumes who inevitably get strapped to a special punishment bench for painfully severe canings. (Actresses who work for Lupus must be able to endure at least 40 hard cane strokes.)

Lupus also occasionally delves into comedy, such as My Unfair Lady, a spoof of the popular 1964 musical My Fair Lady. The Curse of Sir Frederick, featuring three loosely-related tales from different time periods, is inspired by the British horror anthology films of the 1960s and 70s from Amicus.

The Red Reformatory, Reform School and Detention House series are derived from the popular women-in-prison genre. Hostel Lupus is based on the controversial series of Hostel horror films about abduction and torture. Inception remakes the science fiction film of the same name. The futuristic science fiction story, The Noise, is inspired by George Orwell's novel 1984 (which was largely a veiled critique of the abuses of Stalinism). And the magical folklore tale, And for You I Will Come as Well, pays homage to the Angel of Death character from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal.

Content and formatEdit

Lupus produces films with mostly M/F and some F/F corporal punishment scenarios with a heavy, almost exclusive, emphasis on canings. The films are all in Czech, with English subtitles. Their DVDs are produced with NTSC format on one side and a PAL version on the reverse.

Four of their movies feature American spanking actress Niki Flynn, the first Western performer to shoot with them. Exchange Student was, in fact, Flynn's acting debut. She also helped dispel some of the urban legends about Lupus – namely that the Czech actresses were starving and desperate and would do anything for a crust of bread, including taking a hard caning. (In reality, most of their performers are inexperienced Czech models drawn from local talent agencies as well as the BDSM community.) Adele Haze, another popular Western actress, has also appeared in two of their films (Garden Party and Red Reformatory: Old Friends, with Flynn).


In 2002 the Florida-based company Raven Hill Studios released two Rigid East videos under new titles: Czech Brutal - A Night of Beating and Czech Brutal 2 - Ruining his Bad Girl's Rear. These were unauthorized copies of Neighbour and Cane on Nail and have since been removed from Raven Hill's catalog.

Closure and start-up of QuirkyWayEdit

The company's last original release was Dreams in 2012. In early 2013 Lupus announced that they were shutting down production and moving on to "other things".

Later in 2013, this turned out to be the launch of a new company called QuirkyWay (website). The site sells digitally remastered copies of vintage Lupus videos and a new line of short films (similar to the Lupus Dreams series) that combine corporal punishment with sex and BDSM content.

According to the company website: "it's time to explore new worlds.... Our goal is to explore and embrace new kinks and go beyond simple spanking. We're striving for the best BDSM movies you ever saw."

Selected filmographyEdit

  • Ace of Spades
  • ...And for You I Will Come as Well
  • Black Velvet (photos)
  • Cane on Nail
  • The Christmas Quiet (2006), photos
  • Civil Settlement (2003), switch, video on SpankBang
  • Comrade Balcar: The Game
  • Comrade Balcar: The Informer
  • The Curse of Sir Frederick (photos)
  • Deep Impact
German photo (c. 1920s) used as a set decoration in A New Job.
  • Detention House
  • Detention House 2
  • Detention House 3: Internal Affairs
  • Detention House 4: Psycho
  • Dreams (2012)
  • Exchange Student (Niki Flynn), preview
  • Fairy Tale
  • Fairy Tale 2: The Magic Purse (photos)
  • The Family Silver (photos, video)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Anarchy, photos
  • From the Headmaster's Study: A Note for Absence (photos)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Crime & Punishment (Niki Flynn)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: The Globus - book, video
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Immodesty - (video of caning scene with added slow-motion)

Videos available for free online viewingEdit

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