Lynn Paula Russell

Lynn Paula Russell, also known by her pseudonym Paula Meadows, is an English actress, artist, and author. She was a porn star in the early 1980s before she decided to become a full time illustrator of erotic BDSM and woman spanking art.

Subsequently, she did a lot of commissioned illustrations and comics for the U.K. spanking magazines Kane, Janus and Februs. She also was the editor of Februs for nine years.

Lynn Paula Russell is extremely versatile: she has worked as a dancer, as an actor, she has done erotic BDSM comics, but also illustrated children's books written by her husband Frank Charles. She prefers drawing in ink or pencil, but also paints in oils and watercolors.

Her work was exhibited at the Larmes d'Eros gallery in Paris and in a number of group shows in London galleries. Lynn Paula Russell has also appeared in several discussion programs on television in London and New York. Many of her illustrations have appeared in book form published by the Erotic Print Society.


  • A Sexual Odyssey
  • Beatrice
  • Corporal punishment
  • Februs Collection
  • Fessee Collection (part 1+2)
  • Lydia (comic)
  • Painful Pleasures (ISBN 1-898998-95-7)
  • Reality & Dreams (limited edition of six drawings)
  • Sabina (BDSM comic, ISBN 1-898998-69-8)
  • Sabina, part 2 (BDSM comic, ISBN 1-898998-87-6)
  • Sexcitement (ISBN 1-898998-54-X)
  • SexPerfect: the Art of Sexual Intercourse
  • SexPlay (ISBN 1-898998-40-X)
  • Sophisticated Ladies (comic, part 1-3)
  • Summer vacation
  • The Erotic Print Society
  • The Exploits of Mitzi (comic)
  • The Illustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell (ISBN 1-898998-63-9)
  • The Janus Collection - Paula Meadows
  • The Story of O

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