Male-Male Spanking Archive

The Male-Male Spanking Archive, abbreviated MMSA and also known by its domain, is a free site maintained by flagellant that holds a well organized and easily navigable collection of well over 41,477 M/m and M/M spanking stories by more than 2,797 authors (as of January 2020).

Stories are mainly fiction dealing with the spanking of males by other males (or, less often, females), and covering an extensive range of discipline scenarios, including science fiction and fantasy. All submitted stories are reviewed and categorized by genre, scenario, who spanks and who is spanked (sub-categorized by relationship and age), implements used (if any), and various other criteria. Such meticulous categorization provides the grist for a unique and powerful search engine that allows readers to zero in on their particular kink.

The Male-Male Spanking Archive hosts stories in various languages. As of January 2021, the available languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Romanian, Russian. It is possible to search/filter by language.

Authors are unpaid volunteers. Readers are encouraged to leave feedback to authors using a form provided at the end of each story. The form protects the reader's anonymity, although an email address may be given if a reply from the author is desired. Another way to signal approval of a story is to click one of the checkboxes at the end of each story—This story is HOT! or This story is well-written.

A thriving forum is available with several groups for both readers and authors.