Medical fetishism

The nurse is a popular character in medical roleplay

Medical fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism in which certain medical procedures and medical settings are eroticized.

Typically, these are procedures that are normally experienced as embarassing and/or unpleasant, such as:

Medical fetish playEdit

Sarah Chalke in a fantasy scene as a naughty nurse (who also gets spanked) on Scrubs.

Medical fetishists often enjoy roleplaying "doctor and patient" or "nurse and patient". This is the adult form of the well-known roleplaying games that are popular among children to playfully explore each other's bodies. Such games are usually played behind closed doors or in secluded places due to the fact that many children know such activity is taboo in many homes. Such play may include giving of shots in the buttocks, taking of rectal temperatures or the fondling of certain areas of the body.

As in BDSM or spanking roleplay, the players assume two different roles: the doctor or nurse takes the active role and the patient the passive role. To make the roleplaying more realistic, the doctor/nurse player will often dress in white clothing that is typical of their profession, and original medical props, such as thermometers, are used.

Medical sexual roleplay can also involve BDSM elements that are normally not found in real-life medical settings, such as bondage. It can also involve sexual play such as masturbation, milking, sex toys (e.g. vibrators, butt plugs or anal beads), possibly (for plausibility) under some pretext of medical necessity, or (rarely) sexual intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal).

Professional BDSM studios often have a white room for medical fetish play.

Medical fetish artEdit


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #55
Artwork by HAL.

There are works of erotic art, literature, and film on medical fetish scenes. The artwork of Waldo and Barbara O'Toole, for instance, often incorporates medical fetish themes.

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