Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey (born June 24, 1950) is an American author of fantasy novels.

Spanking in Lackey's WorksEdit

Arrows of the QueenEdit

Before Elspeth realized what was happening, Talia had picked her up and administered three good, stinging swats to the girl's rear, then set her down again.

"Next time," Talia warned before the real howls of outrage could begin and drown her out, "it'll be six swats."

  Arrows of the Queen pg. 232

Among her many duties, Talia, the protagonist, is given charge of Elspeth, the Heir Presumptive widely known throughout the palace as the Brat. On her first meeting with the Brat, Talia does not give in to the child's imperious demands. Later, when discussing the episode with the Queen, Talia says that were Elspeth in her charge there would be a hairbrush applied to the child's bottom.

Throughout the book, when Talia deals with Elspeth, there are numerous threats and briefly described spankings.