Mina's Forest

Mina's Forest is a fantasy online roleplay created and run by Mina and exists in both French and English.

The French version runs on Smail, a French-language service, and in English on IRC, hosted by and for the Anime OTK website.

Official artwork for this series is drawn by CM Zero and hosted in his gallery on Anime OTK. He has drawn many single images, character portraits and multi-page comics for it.

The Forest's Inhabitants and the Roleplay's ConceptEdit

A pixie in Mina's Forest, drawing by Sakura (2009).

Mina's Forest revolves around a single, main character, Mina, who is a demon from hell living in the human realms. Her adopted home is a large forest and she will not tolerate any trespassers attempting to enter it without her permission (something that is rarely given) and those who violate the forest's boundaries, regardless of their motives, will be punished with a spanking by the Mistress.

Many people attempt to enter the forest, occasionally hunters will venture in looking for game, woodsmen and women, those who are taking a short-cut heedless of the dangers... along with many hardy and skilled adventurers who wish to seek out and defeat the powerful demon in combat.

The ultimate fate of everyone who enters the forest is to be defeated, spanked, perhaps humiliated and sent back out of the forest. Quite often naked. The Demoness never kills, spanking has worked so well so far.

Mina the Demon
Mistress of the Forest, a powerful Demonic entity who has been punished with exile in the human realm. Her only home is the large forest bordering several main roads and large towns in which she lives and thrives with her companions. She guards this place passionately, not allowing anyone to take her last, precious home from her.
The Faries
Servants to their Mistress, Mina is accomanied by a group of five small malefic faries who aid their mistress in battle and in punishing her intruders. Often seen looting the packs and pockets of the defeated or fetching implements for the mistress to use. Although not the leader of the group, Sadie is the most vocal farie of the group.
Mez the Demon
Servant to the demoness, but recently granted the rank of Master over the fairies. He first entered the forest as a human lost on his way home, but was as most intruders are, spanked and sent home naked. However, over the course of said punishment he grew a love for the demoness and visited often with gifts to lessen his spanking, just to see her and show his love. During one of his visits an intruder tried to defeat Mina. Mez defended her with his life and when he was near death Mina gave him some of her demonic power to save his life. Unfortunately due to his new form the town and his family rejects him, but regardless, he happily continues to serve Mina. He was recently promoted to full demon and served Mina's mother Saidra for a time, before returning to his mistress' side
Robert the Head Vassal
Another servant to the demoness, he was a human adventurer who had just started his journey when he challenged the demoness, and was of course spanked and punished. However, like Mez, during the punishment he began to fall in love with the demoness and returned time and again to be spanked and to see her. He eventually pledged himself to her as a servant, and asked to be transformed into a halfdemon to serve her as best as he could. Mina granted his wish giving him some of her power, and he is happily living within the Forest by the mistress he loves, serving her as best he can, doing her bidding and gaurding the forest when his mistress is away. After a while he was promoted to full demon and received more power and responsibilities, and after training to improve himself and protect his mistress and princess was promoted again and again to Vassal and Head Vassal and Caretaker, and punishes and takes care of Mina to make sure she behaves as a proper princess and doesn't become like the brats she takes care of. Thanks to his training he is actually stronger than Mina and can make sure she can't resist or escape her punishments and caretaking.