Venus with a Mirror by Titian (c. 1555).

A mirror is an object with a flat surface smooth enough to reflect light back such that a clear reflected image can be seen when looking into the mirror. Mirrors allow, among other things, a person to see themself, or a part of their body that is otherwise hard or impossible to look at.

Mirrors can be made of glass, metal, or other materials, and can be any size. A small mirror can be hand-held, while a large mirror can be mounted to a wall or other place.

In art, self-portraits are traditionally made using a mirror. (Today, photographs offer an alternative.)


Katoptronophilia (from Greek katoptron = mirror) is a paraphilia for mirrors. It may include activities such as stripping in front of a mirror, having sex in front of a mirror, masturbating in front of a mirror, or enacting other paraphilias in front of a mirror.

Mirrors in spanking artEdit


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #42
A young woman admires her buttocks with a hand mirror, drawing by Helga Bode.

In spanking stories and art, mirrors are often used to check the "damage" (marks) after a spanking. Mirrors can also be used during a spanking to allow a spankee to see themselves (or their bottom), and in self-spanking.

  • The spanking artist Mira K often featured mirrors.
  • Elizabeth Baxter Feels the Headmaster's Wrath (SoundPunishment, 2013), video
  • Hand Spanked and Strapped (Spanking Teen Jessica), photos
  • Mirror Paddling (Spanking Bailey), Brandi is spanked in front of a mirror (photos).
  • Strictmoor Academy, Year Three (series) (Sarah Gregory Spanking), six girls speak before a mirror ("This is what a naughty girl looks like before she is spanked") then watch themselves being spanked (SpankBang video)

Spanking videos: mirror as implementEdit

A list of videos in which the glass side of a wooden hand mirror is used as a spanking implement.

  • Audrey Spanks Brother, Day 6 (Clare Spanks Men)
  • Koko and Nikki Spanking in France (Spanked Call Girls), photos
  • New Pledge Poppy Spanked for Graffiti (Spanking Sorority Girls), vandalism, photos
  • Office Spanking-gram (Spanking Veronica Works), photos
  • Volleyball Camp Day 3 (Clare Spanks Men)
  • The Waiting Game (Spanking Sorority Girls), photos

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On the Internet, a "mirror" is a website that duplicates a certain part of another website on a different server (usually a bigger file, such as an executable) as an alternative for a download. Mirrors allow a sharing of the load, and offer an alternative in case one server is down or too slow.

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