Child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket.

Misbehaviour (in British English; American English spelling: misbehavior), the noun of to misbehave, is improper, wicked, or immoral behavior that is considered an offense not only because of the act, but also because of the intent behind it (as opposed to a misdeed where it is the act alone). The term misbehaviour is mostly used where it is the bad intent that is mostly adressed, typically in children by parents and people in loco parentis.

Parents are often faced with the challenge to deal with their child's misbehaviour. Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs describes four goals of misbehaviour:

  1. Attention Seeking
  2. Power Struggle
  3. Revenge Seeker
  4. Display Real or Alleged Inadequacy

A common and traditional parental response to misbehaviour is to scold and/or punish the child for such behaviour.

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