Miss (novel)

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Miss is a French spanking novel by Sadie Blackeyes, a pseudonym of Pierre Dumarchey, from 1912. It was published by Collection des Orties Blanches and illustrated with six illustrations by Louis Malteste. It is the first part of a two-part-novel, the second part being Quinze ans (1913).


In 1920, the novel was published by Librairie Drouint and New-Editions in Paris in an English translation under the title Miss: souvenirs of a special kind of boarding school by a "lady of quality". In 1975, it was reprinted by Janus Publications under the title Miss. The Memoirs of a young lady of quality containing recollections of boarding school discipline and intimate details of her chastisement.


The illustrations from Miss were also used to illustrate an edition of the novel L'Institutrice sadique (first published in 1907).