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Miss Marchmont is derived from the British novel Villette by Charlotte Brontë, published in 1853. The poet entitled the entire fourth chapter with this name of the rheumatic cripple woman, well beloved by the first-person narrator and main character Lucy Snowe: "my dear and dead mistress".

Victorian eraEdit

Still within the Victorian era the minor character Miss Marchmont of Brontë's novel was borrowed - together with Lucy Snowe's denouncement of Roman Catholicism as false: "God is not with Rome" - by the spanking story "Lady Pokingham; Or They All Do It" of the Victorian magazine The Pearl.

From Lady Pokingham, Part IV; in The Pearl No. 8, February 1880:
ALICE. – "Well, my Lord, pray excuse our virtuous indignation, if you are not really a Jesuit. But how about a Cathedral you intend to build for them, eh?" cutting him several deliberate strokes as she was speaking, each one making him quiver under its smarting force.
LOTHAIR.– "Oh! My God! How do you know that? I've only had the plans drawn."
ALICE. – "But, my Lord, allow me to drive the thoughts of such a foolish thing from your mind. Can you not think of some better applications for your money? Will you promise me not to make yourself a fool?" cutting harder and harder every moment, till he fairly howled with pain, ejaculating,–
"Ah! Oh! Damme! How cruel of you Miss Marchmont! Ah – for God's sake let me off now. I – I – won't do it; I give my word for that."

Internet eraEdit

Miss Marchmont's English Spanking Society (abbr.: MM) was a U.K. spanking company, a spanking video producer and a publisher (online as well as, at least in one case, printed). MM introduced its fictitious "Miss Marchmont's Spanking Academy & Reform School" as follows:

"My reputation with the cane is well known. A girl will be awarded the cane for any serious offense so it's necessary that canings be extremely painful and severe. Punishment is dispensed while the young lady is tied to the spanking horse in the most vulnerable manner. The explosive crack of the cane as it connects with a properly presented and naked bum never fails to impress me. The success of each stroke is measured by the tortured scream it produces and the writhing and squirming of her whipped backside.
Watch closely as within the constrictions of the straps her naked nether regions become a frenzy of jerking and lewd twisting that reminds me of frantic and uninhibited sex.
Come in and bear witness to the reflexive quivering of these unfortunate young women's swollen and exposed quim. Here you'll quickly learn that they will receive no pity from me."

Spanking video actresses include:

They published an instructional non-fiction book about consensual spanking:

  • Lucy Bailey: The Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment; Or How Do I Get My Partner Interested in Spanking, London: Miss Marchmont's English Spanking Society, 2000. ASIN B001IBHFYY



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  • http://www.missmarchmont.co.uk (dead link)
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