Miss Parker

Miss Parker is the pseudonym of a British spanking actress who starred as a disciplinarian in several F/F spanking videos made in the late 1990s. A statuesque young brunette with long hair, dark eyes, pale complexion, and spectacles, she became known for playing a character of this name, a teacher at St Stripe’s School for Girls, in eight films directed by Ivor Gold for Red Stripe. Her well-spoken dialogue and quiet air of authority made her credible in the role.

More recently, the websites Spanking Online, Spanked Schoolgirl and Spank My Bottom have released videos featuring a character called Miss Parker, but she is played by a different actress.


  • A Bad Example (Red Stripe Films, c. 2000), with Catherine Corbett
  • Caning Trilogy, Part 1: Catering Catastrophe (Calstar, 2000)
  • Caning Trilogy, Part 3: Table Dancers II (Calstar, 2000), with Lesley Saye
  • Class of '99 (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 2000), as Mrs Day
  • Dry Your Tears (Red Stripe, 1999), with Elena
  • Report to Miss Parker (Red Stripe, 1996), with Yvonne
  • Sent Down (Red Stripe, 1998), with Kara-Jayne Dempsey and Therese
  • She's Got No Right (Red Stripe, 1999), with Lesley Saye
  • Sorry Miss! (Red Stripe, c. 1999), with Catherine Corbett
  • Struck Off, Part 2 (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 1999), as hospital administrator
  • We're In Trouble (Red Stripe, c. 1998), with Lesley Saye
  • You Should Know Better (Red Stripe, 1999), with Elena