A munch is a gathering of adults interested in BDSM (including people interested in spanking), for eating, drinking and chatting with like-minded people from their city or area. Typically, munches are organized by a club and take place in regular intervals, such as once a week or once a month, at a restaurant or some similar public place.

'Spanko' munchesEdit

The munch is a popular institution in the BDSM and also in the spankophile subculture. In contrast to a spanking party, at a munch, no actual spanking occurs. It serves as a chance for people interested in spanking to get to know one another, and to socialize. It also serves as a chance for people interested in spanking but not knowing others with similar interests to meet those others in a non-threatening setting. 'Spanko' munches are typically organized by a spanking club, and sometimes serve as an introduction to newcomers to the club.

While some discussion of spanking is likely at a munch, any activity apparent to people not sitting at the same table, and any unusual or fetish clothing, is typically strongly frowned upon by the organizers.

In most cases food is served at a munch, hence the name. There is typically no charge to participate other than the cost of the food.

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