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This page lists existing and wanted articles about spanking-related news and events, both from mainstream media and from the spanking scene.

Annually recurring eventsEdit

Spanking video producer Dana Specht has released several videos filmed at the above events (featuring Sarah Gregory). These are: Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014, Lone Star Spanking Party, and Texas All State Spanking Party 2014 (photos).

One-time news and eventsEdit

Parental discipline video from 2004 posted on YouTube in 2011 by Hillary Adams.
  • 1980: Los Angeles School Board member (and future U.S. Congresswoman) Bobbi Fiedler submitted to a public paddling (three swats with a platform tennis paddle) photographed by the press before a vote was held to reinstate corporal punishment in L.A. schools. (See newspaper photos)
  • 1994: American teenager Michael P. Fay makes headlines for being judicially caned in Singapore
  • 1998: The Encyclopedia of Spanking Art is launched
  • 1999: Handprints is launched
  • July 2000: George Jackson Churchward dies in his early 50's
  • 2001: Gordon Oilbuckle dies, aged 47
  • April 2004: Louise Ogborn becomes a victim of workplace abuse, including naked spanking
  • May 2005: The Spanking Art wiki is launched
  • October 2006: Jacqueline Ophir dies
  • January 2007: Spanking New Orchestra performs a percussive stage show in Michigan
  • March 2007: Anime OTK is launched
  • March 2008: Boyz Being Boyz is launched
  • March 2008: Max Mosley video released of Nazi-themed S&M sex orgy with prostitutes
  • 2008: San Jose State University suspends its Sigma Gamma Rho sorority when pledges file criminal charges after being severely paddled and caned.
  • December 2008: Bettie Page dies in Los Angeles, aged 85
  • August 2009: The Library of Spanking Fiction is launched under its own URL
  • November 2009: A-ta-ta (spanking protest event in Kiev, Ukraine), spanking clip on YouTube.
  • January 2010: six Sigma Gamma Rho sorority girls (Rutgers University, New Jersey) are arrested for hazing three pledges with a paddle spanking.
  • October 2010: Janet Orlando, 57, saleswoman for security company Alarm One Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.) wins $1.7 million lawsuit after being spanked with a metal sign in front of co-workers during a company team-building exercise.
  • December 2010: Darling’s Academy (spanking roleplay event in Scotland)
  • March 2011: seven sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta (University of Maryland) are charged with assault for paddling a pledge.
  • 2011: Gordon Sergeant dies, aged 83
  • 2011: Uasketcher dies
  • August 2011: Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash, Tampa, Florida (video promo by Katarina Kaufmann)
  • October 2011: Hillary Adams posts a 2004 video on YouTube of her father beating her with a belt when she was 16 years old. The video goes viral and gets much mainstream news coverage.
  • April 2012: Seaside Swats, San Diego, California. Party hosted by Uncle Bob's Woodshed (website)
  • January 2013: David Nielson, better known as Ed Lee, founder of Nu-West/Leda Productions, dies, aged 73.
  • May 2018: Singer Miley Cyrus spanked by her mother during Mother's Day photo shoot (video).

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Censored security camera still of Louise Ogborn being spanked.