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Massachusetts Court Offers Guidelines On Spanking

The adjective nonabusive (also spelled non-abusive) means "not constituting abuse".

The word is used in contexts where an action or behaviour can be abusive, but not all occurrences of it are necessarily abusive. For example, a parent can spank their child in a nonabusive manner or in an abusive manner. The former means doing it appropriately in all respects and in a safe distance from any line where it would cross over to abuse. Any spanking that is, for example, one of the following:—too hard, too often, inappropriately, undeserved, out of anger—is likely to be abusive.

If a writer wants to refer only to those forms of spanking that are not abusive, e.g. in scientific or political contexts, it can be necessary to make this specific reference clear.


  • non-excessive
  • nonviolent (also spelled non-violent)
  • appropriate
  • reasonable
  • moderate
  • proper
  • fair

Examples in publicationsEdit

  • RE Larzelere: A review of the outcomes of parental use of nonabusive or customary physical punishment. - Pediatrics, 1996 - American Academy of Pediatrics