Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell (February 3, 1894 - November 8, 1978) was an early 20th century American painter and illustrator. He is best known for the cover illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over more than four decades.

Among the best-known of Rockwell's works are the Willie Gillis series, Rosie the Riveter (although his Rosie was reproduced less than others of the day), Saying Grace (1951), and the Four Freedoms series. He is also noted for his work for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA); producing covers for their publication Boys' Life, calendars, and other illustrations.

Spanking art by Norman RockwellEdit

Collage based on Norman Rockwell's cover art for The Saturday Evening Post, November 25, 1933.
Mark Twain's Missouri Spanking (1943).

The following paintings by Rockwell show boy spanking art:


The humor magazine National Lampoon did an ironic spanking parody for the cover of their September 1975 "Back to College" issue inspired by Rockwell's illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post. Imitating his meticulous style, the Lampoon cover shows a professor giving a shapely college girl a bare-bottom spanking with a slide-ruler. The deliberate erotic and fetishistic overtones are calculated to create a jarring impact (see photo).

Spanking Tails 2 is a spanking magazine that also copies Rockwell's painting style and format used for The Saturday Evening Post. Here, a teacher paints a target on the backside of a female student who is bent over for a paddling. (see illustration)


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