Nose to the wall

Illustration from La Jeunesse Illustre (1886).

Two boys punished by standing nose to the wall; one making small dancing moves to music playing.

Nose to the wall is a time-out technique similar to corner time that is employed where a room offers no suitable corners. The person to be disciplined is told to stand facing a wall such that their nose touches the wall. Like corner time and the naughty step, the method is a form of mental bondage that works by obedience alone.

In a light form, the nose does not actually need to touch the wall, but the person must stand close to the wall and keep facing it. In a stricter form, a piece of paper, cardbord or other flat object can be placed between the nose and the wall, which must be held in place for the duration of the time-out and not be dropped, without using the hands.

An even more strict form is Nose and Toes where the offender must position themselves with their toes touching the base of the wall and the nose firmly pressed against the wall, usually holding a coin or piece of paper. This position quicky causes severe discomfort in as little as 10 minutes and is noted as dull agonizing pain in the shoulders and hips of the offender. Maintaining this position for more 30 minutes is nearly impossible.

These forms of punishment were adopted by some schools when the use of the paddle was eliminated.

In spanking fictionEdit

An example of the punishment in a spanking novel is Pint-Sized Engineer by Roguebfl, where Jalaxian buildings have a horizontal line on the wall. The punishment On the Line is making a Jalaxian child stand with their nose touching the line.

In the spanking video Online Encounter (B) (Firm Hand Spanking, 2008), Samantha Woodley holds a test paper to the wall with her nose.

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