Illustration by Georges Topfer from Le Fouet au Couvent by Aimé Van Rod.

Nunsploitation (nun exploitation) is a subgenre of exploitation films produced mainly in Italy and Japan in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a spinoff film genre that ran a parallel course alongside Women in Prison films and Nazisploitation.

Nunsploitation films are set in prison-like convents where the sexually repressed all-female population inevitably turns to lesbianism and perversity. The element of religious guilt allows for lurid depictions of self-chastizements such as well-endowed topless nuns whipping themselves or enduring painful masochistic rituals of mortification of the flesh. The Mother Superior is usually a cruel and corrupt martinet who enforces strict discipline with an iron hand (more opportunities for whippings and torturous punishments) and often lusts after her female charges. An equally perverse and lecherous priest is often included to add a male element of menace to the proceedings.


French postcard (c. 1900), an early erotic nun fetish photo.

The Japanese classic, School of the Holy Beast (1974), is perhaps the best example. A sweet-faced girl infiltrates a prison-like convent to solve a family mystery. The film offers many bizarre spectacles such as masochistic self-flagellation, medieval type tortures, and two topless nuns forced to fight each other with heavy floggers. Plus a beautifully edited sequence, shot partly in slow-motion, of a group of nuns savagely whipping the heroine with thorny rose stems. While most exploitation films are cheap, trashy, and lacking in style and artistic integrity, this is a finely crafted work that has the look and style of an art film.

By contrast, Nuns of Peccato (La Monaca Nel Peccato, 1986) is a typically sleazy low-budget Italian production about a lovely young girl (is there any other kind?) sent to a convent where she is whipped and abused by lesbian nuns and a perverted Mother Superior.

Fetishistic Inquisition punishments and taboo sex are featured in numerous convent-based films from Italy such as Demons (aka Sex Demons, 1972), Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1976), both by the ubiquitous Jess Franco, and Immagini di un Convento (Images In the Convent, 1979) from Joe D'Amato.

Another D'Amato film, Convent of Sinners (1986) shows two lusty nuns being severely whipped for having impure thoughts. A semi-clad novice is whipped for disobeying the rules in the 1973 film Story of a Cloistered Nun (complete film is at Veehd and xHamster  Warning:  ). Two attractive, topless nuns are interrogated and flogged in The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine (1974). A video excerpt can be watched on YouTube.

The Mexican film Satánico Pandemonium a.k.a. La Sexorcista (1975) depicts a nun engaged in ritualistic self-flagellation while wearing a barbed rope around her waist. Alucarda (a.k.a. Alucarda, the daughter of darkness) is a 1978 Mexican horror film about demonic possession in a 19th century convent. Here nuns engage in brutal self-flagellation and torture to purge themselves of evil.

The erotic drama Vanessa (1977) includes a fantasy sequence inspired by a racy novel set in a convent school. Vanessa (Olivia Pascal) imagines herself as the novel's heroine who is whipped with a large martinet by a nun and later by a man.

As for television, the series Save Me (2013), includes a brief comedic flashback of Anne Heche being spanked while role playing as a nun (video clip).

Spanking videosEdit

Spanking and BDSM fetish videos in this genre include Monastery of Misery from 1st Choice Spanking, (photos, video clip), The Sisters of Repentance (Classic Spanking, U.K.), and the severe caning video Hour of Penitence (Mood Pictures). All pay homage to the nunsploitation films of the past. (See Nun Fetish videos for more titles.)