Of Freaks and Men

Director Alexei Balabanov (2010)

Of Freaks and Men (Russian: Про уродов и людей, Pro urodov i lyudey) is a 1998 Russian movie directed by Alexei Balabanov. It is a period piece about pornography in the 1900s.


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Set in Russia around 1900 and filmed in sepia tone, the movie tells the story of two families and their decline at the hands of one man, Johann (played by Sergei Makovetsky), and his pornographic endeavours. Hailed by some as a masterpiece, the movie comments on the decline of Russian society as a result of the rise of capitalism.

The soundtrack is taken from Prokofiev's ballet, Romeo and Juliet; and Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

The spanking scenesEdit

The film depicts fetishistic F/F scenes of nude women being whipped with birches by elderly and matronly women for a pornographic stag film reel.

Video excerpt of two birchings can be seen here and here.

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