Online roleplay

Many online RPG sites, such as Kogaru Diaries, feature highly rendered graphics and multiuser functions.

Online roleplay or cyberplay is roleplay that happens not in real life, but online, typically in a web group, mailing list, web forum, chatroom, or via an instant messaging system.

Online roleplay can be played in real-time or slower. There can be two or more players. There may or may not be a moderator. The play can be improptu, or can be organized.

Typically, the players will agree on the characters that will be played. Also the setting of the scene and some background information may be established and agreed on first. Then the story begins and is allowed to develop.

It is common for there to be a way to indicate that a line is to be taken as a participant's action, rather than as that person speaking.

There may also be an agreed way or format for out-of-character (OOC) messages, such as enclosing the line in brackets.

Online spanking roleplayEdit

Online spanking roleplay gives the players the chance to collaboratively write a spanking story together - much like improvisational drama, but with heavy use of the player's imagination, and with more weight on verbal (rather than physical) communication.

Online spanking roleplay may be erotic to some (up to forms that may be considered cybersex), but most often it is just fun.

Sometimes online spanking roleplay can be an inspiration for spanking artists to draw the scenes that were played; for example see the art of Dabillmann.

In some cases, spanking authors have used logs or transcripts of online roleplay as the starting point for spanking stories.

Comparison to real-life roleplayEdit

  • More like collaborative story writing
  • Anybody can play together, across continents, provided that they speak the same language
  • Physical looks, real-life age and gender of the players are unimportant
  • Safe play - no real pain or risk of injury
  • People can play spankees even if they can't stand pain in real life
  • No moral, legal, physical etc. restrictions - anything that can be imagined can be played (if all involved players agree)
  • All props are there when you need them
  • The setting is just what you want it to be
  • Imagination can be better than the "real thing" - for some
  • No visual experience
  • No physical sensations, no redness, no warm glow, no marks

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