A pacifier

A pacifier, dummy, or paci is artificial nipple, commonly made from rubber, plastic, or silicone, given to an infant or other young child to suck upon. The modern version typically has a mouth guard and/or the handle is large enough to avoid the hazard of the child choking on it or swallowing it.

Adult usage of pacifiersEdit

Adult-sized pacifiers are used by some members of the Adult Baby community as ageplay props. They look like a baby pacifier sized up so that the curvature of the guard matches adult contours, and also have a larger, wider nipple. The nipples are often referred to as NUK5s, after the NUK brand of baby pacifiers manufactured by the German company MAPA Gmbh. If the nipple is coated with soap it can be used as a form of mouth soaping punishment. The guards typically have holes in them, making them easy to covert in order to form a gag as a part of diaper domination or bondage play.

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