Upholstery is essential to comfortable seating items such as couches.

Padding is soft and elastic material used in furniture making, household items, vehicles, and clothing. Padding makes the surface, edges or corners of any hard object soft to touch. It thus provides comfort and reduces the chance of injury.

Padding is often covered with fabric, leather or synthetic leather. Padding can be an inseparable part of the object, or can be provided by removable objects such as cushions.

The craft of adding padding to furniture is called upholstery.

Padding and spankingEdit

Sketch of a spanking bench. The red top is padded.

Items of spanking furniture, such as caning racks, birching horses or spanking benches, are often padded. In BDSM, leather and synthetic leather is most common, often in black or red color.

Padding as in I am/You are padded is also a scene term that could mean two things: a) padding the trousers: the potential spankee is wearing something under their clothes that intend to lessen the impact of a spanking, such as extra layers of underwear, or a book down the back of their pants; b) some ageplayers also use the term "padding" to refer to the wearing of diapers.

Another kind of padding in a corporal punishment context are the torso shields and similar gear worn by delinquents to protect the vulnerable kidney and lower back areas during judicial canings in Malaysia and Singapore.

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