To be permissive is having a predisposition to—or actually do—give permission and can be seen as being lenient.

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Permissive parenting is a philosophy of child raising designed to enable children to achieve their goals. This is typically seen as a reactionary movement to traditional parenting's more authoritarian practices. While its goals are to establish a more healthy balance of practices, like many reactionary movements there is a tendency for some members to swing the pendulum past the perceived balanced point. Critics use this to accuse the entire permissive parenting movement not to effectively enforce limits to behaviour, resulting in spoilt and/or out-of-control children. In reality, overly permissive parenting makes children helplessly dependent on their parents and immature, rather than creating the entitled behavior that the word "spoiled" implies. This casts doubt on the archaic notion that children can be "spoiled" by their parents' actions.

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