Petite dactylo

The frontispiece by Malteste (1914).

Petite dactylo is a French spanking novel by Pierre Dumarchey, published under his pen name Sadie Blackeyes. It was first published in 1913 or 1914 by Jean Fort in Paris. The novel's title translates to "Little Typist", and the frontispiece apparently shows the protagonist, a young female typist. The illustrations show the spanking of girls and young women (also possibly the same person at different ages?) with martinets and birch rods.


The first edition of Petite dactylo was illustrated by Louis Malteste.

A later edition, published in 1921 and also in a 1933 edition in Fort's imprint Collection des Orties Blanches, features Malteste's frontispiece plus 32 illustrations by Gaston Smit, using his real name signature "G. SMIT" rather than his more usual pseudonym signature "G. Topfer". This 199-page edition was extended by the added-on works "Les Belles clientes de M. Brozen", and "Maître d'école, avec un Choix de lettres concernant les faits curieux touchant la flagellation des Misses et des Femmes [et La Sainte-Catherine d'une Midinette]".

A 2005 edition of Petite dactylo by the publisher La Musardine features a cover illustration by another artist.