Pixiv is an online art sharing community and web forum based in Japan. While primarly in Japanese, it allows an English speaking subculture to operate. It facilitates sharing of illustrations, manga and stories.

There is an active group of spanking artists on the site, including Akaininare, Kasoide, Keyneq, Kuromame, Midori (blue), NonaOm3n, Otogawa, sccssc123, Some Guy and Su.

Membership and usageEdit

Pixiv requires membership. There is a basic free membership and a premium membership that provides advanced tools. Users who are not members can see a maximum of 12 images per artist, and no images rated R-18.

The user settings allow to configure whether the user is over 18, and if so, whether they want to show or hide "Explicit content (R-18)" and Ero-guro content (R-18G)".

For users with English language configured, the pixiv website is mostly in English, but this applies only to the user interface and things like image descriptions, tags, and comments are still in Japanese. Content tags can be added in any language, but Japanese and English are most common.

Artwork (images) are called "illustrations", animations are called "ugoira", stories are called "novels". Friends are called "my pixiv" (マイピク, transliterated "maipiku"), so a "maipiku request" is a friend request. Users can also "follow" other users and "bookmark" individual images.

The following tags may be useful to know:

Japanese English
スパンキング spanking
オーバーザニー over the knee
体罰 corporal punishment
お仕置き punishment
お尻 buttocks
全裸 nude
ノーパン wearing no underwear
パンツ下ろし pants (underwear) down
スカートめくり skirt upturned
SM S/m

Pixiv FanboxEdit

Pixiv also has a feature named Pixiv Fanbox in which artists can share artwork exclusively to personal financial supporters ("fans"). It is in a way similar to Patreon.

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