Sign from a sex toy store for suburban housewives.

Pleasure is the state or feeling of being pleased or gratified. Also, a source of enjoyment or delight. To pleasure (verb) is to give pleasure or enjoyment to another person or perhaps oneself. The adjective pleasant refers to things and activities that bring pleasure.

A special type of pleasure can be experienced by sexual stimulation such as masturbation or sexual intercourse, especially when it ends with orgasm.

Pleasure is often contrasted with pain, but pain and pleasure are not exclusionary. In various forms of BDSM play, erotic pleasure can in fact be caused by a suitable infliction of pain.

Spankophiles may find pleasure in a real-life spanking, a spanking video, a spanking party, or a spanking story. This includes spankees, spankers, observers at a party, viewers, writers, and readers. In particular, a person assuming a submissive role for spanking may find pleasure in having their buttocks spanked. The spanker may find pleasure in fondling and striking the buttocks of his/her spankee.

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