Polissons et galipettes

Still from Polissons et galipettes, La fessée à l'école.

Polissons et galipettes is a French movie from 2002 which is a compilation of recently discovered vintage hardcore pornographic silent film clips. The footage, made between 1905 and 1930, was re-edited by director Michel Reilhac and provided with a new soundtrack by Eric Le Guen. The film was released in English in 2003 under the title The Good Old Naughty Days and shown in cinemas, rated R18.

Most of the footage was made in France and was intended to be shown in brothels. The collection also includes a pornographic animation from the United States, Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure, made by unknown artists in or around 1928 and never theatrically released before.

Spanking scenesEdit

The filmed footage, clearly in the spirit of early 20th century French spanking literature, contains several erotic F/F and M/F spanking (and sex) scenes, such as La fessée à l'école.

La fessée à l'écoleEdit

La fessée à l'école ("The spanking at school") is a short film, a scene with a female teacher, two schoolgirls, and a school inspector.

Intertitles (translated):

  • tu vas recevoir la fessée — you will receive a spanking
  • la fessée fut vite transformée en caresse — the spanking was quickly transformed into caressing
  • (instead of arithmentic, the other girl writes on the blackboard "pan pan ..."(?) — something to do with spanking?)
  • fort occupée Mme C. Verre n'entendit pas entrer Mr. Bodart en tournée d'inspection — thus occupied, Mme. C. Verre did not hear Mr. Bodart enter on his inspection tour
  • parfait, nous allons vous appliquer votre système! — perfect, we shall apply your system!
  • une inspection d'académies — an inspection of academies (this is perhaps a play with words, académies can also mean nudes in art)

L'atelier faiminetteEdit

L'atelier faiminette is a short film set in a workshop (sewing?) where women work. In the beginning of the film, one woman is playfully punished by being bent over a table, having her bottom bared and briskly hand-spanked by a group of her colleagues.


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