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Cells in Alcatraz prison, California, U.S.A.
Prisoner population rate per 100,000 population by country (2015).
Prisoners per 100,000 population.

A prison is a place in which people are confined and deprived of a range of liberties, either while waiting trial, while on trial, or after trial and sentence (as a long term isolation punishment). A person confined in a prison is called a prisoner. Prisoners are guarded, overseen and looked after by prison officers.

Prisons are institutions authorized by governments and forming part of a country's criminal justice system, or as facilities for holding prisoners of war.

Prison corporal punishmentEdit

"Whipping table for young delinquents" in a British prison (1909).
1912 illustration of an inmate in an American prison receiving the paddle.

In the past (and in many countries to the present day), prisoners were subjected to a range of punishments, including corporal punishment.

Prison corporal punishments were usually given on the bare back or buttocks with a whip, a birch, or a cane. They come in two kinds:

  1. Punishments for the original crime. These are usually given on entering the prison (the "Welcome"), and possibly another one on leaving the prison.
  2. Punishments for the breaking of prison rules.

Whippings in prisons were/are usually given using some item of spanking furniture to position and restrain the delinquent. Among these were/are:

Prison corporal punishment in art and literatureEdit

Some artists have created illustrations that show prison corporal punishment scenes, for novels or for non-fiction books on the subject.

A well-known fictional work of flagellation literature, Nell in Bridewell (original title: Lenchen im Zuchthause), describes in great detail the cruelty of prison corporal punishment in the 19th century.

Spanking stories seldom elaborate on this subject. Prison corporal punishment scenes are more often found in spanking videos by comparison.

Women in Prison films (WiP) became a specialized branch of exploitation cinema in the 1970s. Today WiP films are mostly created by spanking and BDSM producers. In particular, Bars and Stripes is a pay site that features stories, photographs and videos from a fictional women's prison in which the inmates are regularly punished by spankings.


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  • Birch rod (93 cm long) from the General Prisons Board, Ireland, now in the National Museum of Ireland. "Pattern of Birch Rod for Corporal Punishment of Male Convicts when required."
  • Cell Block F (Kelly Payne Collection), F/F, guards punish prisoner (video)

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