A privilege is a particular benefit, advantage, or favor, a right or immunity enjoyed by some but not others.

The word "privilege" is used in very different contexts and connotations. To be "privileged" can be something to be proud of, or to be ashamed of. Sometimes people express humility by calling something they enjoy a privilege.

In reward and punishmentEdit

To reward somebody, they can be given a special privilege which they do not usually enjoy (once, or for some time). This is often done in parenting, such as letting a child stay up longer than usual.

To punish somebody, a privilege which they usually enjoy can be withdrawn (once, or for some time). This is called removal of privileges or restriction. It can be a bit shocking, especially the first time it happens, because people are used to look at things they always enjoy as rights, not privileges. A classic example is "no dessert" because while a child has a human right to be given the quantity and quality of food they need to stay healthy, they have no right to enjoy a dessert.

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