Privilege Plus

Privilege Plus is a British spanking magazine published between 1995 and 1999 by Pale Horse Ltd. (located at 40 Old Compton Street, London), as a spin-off from the long-running magazine Janus.

History and designEdit

Despite being freely sold in newsagents and sex shops, it was presented as an illustrated supplement to Privilege, a newsletter supplied exclusively to subscribing members of the Privilege Club associated with Janus. Its full title, Gordon Sergeant’s Privilege Plus, referred to the supposed secretary of the club. The magazine had as its logo a stylised plus sign ‘+’ with the horizontals curved to suggest the gluteal folds of a bottom. There were 15 issues in total, priced at £10 and consisting of 56 pages, 8 of them in colour. Digital copies are nowadays available from the Janus website.

The cover design of the first eight issues incorporated two bold curves vaguely suggestive of a female bottom, but the cover illustrations were generally discreet and the only wording read ‘From the publishers of Janus – Adult reading only’. Later covers carried straplines that gave a clearer idea of the content, e.g. ‘Dominatrix dominated – Girl soldier learns the drill for punishment – Recollections from a caning connoisseur’ (No.9). An actual spanking was depicted on the cover only of No.15.

Editorial style and contentEdit

Privilege Plus concerned itself with the spanking of adult women by men and other women, though it also contained occasional references to F/M punishments. According to an advertisement in Janus 114, it was ‘created for the more discerning, sensitive and thoughtful connoisseur of the CP scene’, but in truth the two publications were similar in tone and aimed at essentially the same readership.

Vic Barnes was the principal photographer for both magazines, and Stephen Sims, editor of Privilege Plus, had previously written many photo-stories for Janus. The new magazine was distinguished, however, by a greater amount of non-fiction, especially opinion pieces. In its regular ‘AdvoKate’ column, a succession of women writers aired their views on aspects of erotic spanking. Lucy Goodman, described as an academic and educationalist, responded to readers’ requests for advice in a feature entitled ‘Consult Lucy’. Wynn Bryan compiled ‘Rear View’, a selection of relevant items from mainstream media. The correspondence section reproduced readers’ letters to Gordon Sergeant that sounded genuine. A page headed ‘Connections’ printed contact advertisements. Writers for Privilege Plus include Sarah Veitch, Madeleine de Vichy, Colin Mayo, John Undermeyer, Pat Riordan, Lindsey Buckingham, Lia Anderssen, and Robert Bach. A humorous column in the style of Raymond Chandler, supposedly written by a private eye called Lemmy Whackum, was coolly received and soon dropped.

Fetish and fantasy imageryEdit

Each issue of the magazine contained two main photographic features. One, entitled ‘Fantasia’ or ‘A Little of What You Fancy’, typically focused on spanking in connection with mildly fetishistic clothing, such as leather, Lycra, stockings, fur, and swimwear. Several photo-stories had a period setting, either portraying actual historical characters (e.g., King Henry VIII and Samuel Pepys) or else displaying the fashions of a particular decade. Others attempted literary pastiche (e.g., of Thomas Hardy or P.G. Wodehouse). The element of fancy dress in these depictions of corporal punishment made them seem light-hearted.

Models included Amanda King, Clara Hewitt, and Amanda Jane Curtin. Rosaleen Young made her magazine debut under the name of Christina Winchester in the final edition.

Most artwork was anonymous, including the cartoon strip ‘Land of Just Deserts’. Brett Noel and Blake also supplied some drawings.


Privilege Plus was appreciated more as a companion to Janus than as a distinctive periodical in its own right, which meant that it took third place after Februs in the Pale Horse range of spanking magazines. In 1999, the title was merged with the members-only New Privilege to form Privilege Club, a magazine that continued many of its features.

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