A publisher is a person or company that publishes media such as books, newspapers or magazines. A single publisher may use several imprints (brand names).

A publisher is mainly engaged with selecting material written by authors, editing, proofreading and typesetting, doing layout and making the publication ready for print. The actual printing is not done by the publisher but by a printing company. The marketing of the publication is usually done by the publisher.

Online publishingEdit

Since the Internet Age, publishing does no longer necessarily involve printed media; there is also online publishing on website (free sites and pay sites) and in form of e-books that readers can purchase and either download or acquire on CD-ROMs.

On a small scale, any webmaster or blogger is an online publisher.

Publishers of spanking literatureEdit

There are two main groups of publishers of spanking literature: those who publish spanking novels and those who publish spanking magazines.

Examples of spanking novel publishers:

Examples of spanking magazine publishers:

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