Punishment haircut

A punishment haircut is when a person receives a short haircut as a punishment (non-consensually).

In prisonsEdit

According to customs, in some countries, male prisoners have their heads shaved bald or are given a crew cut upon entering the prison. This serves as a form of psychological punishment as it not only instills a sense of shame and humiliation in the prisoner, but also creates a culture of uniformity (all prisoners sporting the same hairstyle). As for female prisoners, they also have their hair cut short (to maybe slightly above the shoulder).

In extreme cases, heads are shaved bald. Such haircuts and head shavings can also be given under the pretext of hygiene and/or 'proper looks'.

For childrenEdit

Haircuts as a punishment for children were especially popular in the 1960s and 1970s when long hairstyles were the norm. A misbehaving boy might be given a crew cut for bad behavior, whereas a girl would typically receive a short pixie hairstyle that was cut to the length of her ear lobes. Such haircuts were most frequently given by mothers after more short-term punishments proved ineffective.

In some Asian schools, boys are required to have short hair. Those who refuse to get haircuts will be given warnings initially, and if they still refuse to do so, they will be given a forced haircut by the school.