Punishment log

Punishment book "for Charles".
A page from Higher Bebington Junior School's punishment book, Higher Bebington, UK.
Example page from a punishment book, Higher Bebington Junior School (1966).

A punishment log (also called punishment book) is a log where punishments are recorded. Such logs are (or were) sometimes kept at schools, boarding schools, in reformatories, prisons and similar institutions. An example is the punishment book of Johann Häberle (17th century German teacher).

Some parents also keep private punishment logs in a diary or similar notebook (punishment diary). Today, you can even find punishment logs on the World Wide Web, for example at the SWL Punishment Logs page.

A spanking log is a special case of a punishment log, used in cases where most or all punishments are spankings, or where only spankings are considered worthy of recording.


Entries in a punishment log typically include:

  • Date
  • Person who was punished (in cases where one log is used for several people, e.g. in a school class)
  • Offense (details)
  • Punishment given (details)
  • Remarks
  • Signature(s)

Punishment logs in blogsEdit

Adults in domestic discipline relationships also often maintain logs of their punishments on the Internet. See List of spanking blogs for many examples.