Qqll, also known as Qlql, is a Swedish writer of spanking stories. His stories mostly feature girl spanking, but he also write other pairings. Qqll started writing spanking stories at a young age. Nowadays he writes mostly in English and his stories are uploaded on Fictionpress.

Qqll emphasizes that he strongly supports the anti-spanking laws in Sweden and other countries, and that his child spanking interest is absolutly only in fictitious child spankings.


This is a bibliography of Qqll's spanking stories in English.

Spanking seriesEdit

Illustration by Mame for chapter one of How my life changed
  • My brother Johan and me This is the story of my brother, Johan. He was just 18 years old when he became legal guardian of me, his by the time four year old sister. This is the story about how he raised me, the story of true brotherly and sisterly love.
  • Mr. Andrew's spankings When this series starts, our main character Sarah is eight years old. We follow her through her years as a student in Mr. Andrews's class. The school stipulates the use of corporal punishment through spankings as the main punishment method. Mr. Andrews is a firm believer in spanking and it's positive effects both as a punishment and as a way to "reach" children and help them reach their full potential, and Sarah soon gets familiar also with these "motivational spankings"...
  • Spankings at the Norman family The mother of Michaela's and her two younger sisters is a very strict person, and she only punishes in one way: with hard spankings on the girl's bottoms. This series follows these three girls and the many spankings they get.
  • At the headmasters office Hi, I'm Emily. This is the story of me and my two best friends Adam and Julie, and about our school and its headmaster Mr. Robson. The latter is very nice but also very strict, which we experienced the first time when the three of us were nine years old. It is also the story of friendship, love, and of the subject spanking generally.'
  • The Naughty Room On Five-year-old Lina's new Pre-school there is a "Naughty Room." That is a room where none of the children wants to go, 'cause the only time you went there is when you've done something really naughty and must get a spanking.
  • The Stowaway This is the story about nine-year-old Amelie, who was found as a stowaway by the seamen on a British ship heading to Malta.
  • How my life changed This is the story about how my life came to take a completely new direction. It all started when I shared a train coupé with a young mother and her 7-year-old daughter on a train in eastern Europe. That day I totally unexpected got to witness a real-life, old-fashioned, bare bottom spanking of a child. And that was also the day my new life began.
  • Master Berg My friend Lisa and I stole some coins from the collection box to the Church Aid. Unfortunately, Master Berg caught us. But instead of letting him tell our parents and the headteacher Lisa convinces him to give the two of us a spanking as punishment. But just one single little spanking isn't enough punishment according to Master Berg...
  • Uncle Sten Anna's Uncle Sten seems to think Anna is too hard when she disciplines her little sister, and also seem to think that even fourteen-year-olds sometimes need a spanking to behave.
  • The spanking club Ten-year-old Bella is new at the school and befriends three other children, who don't seem to have anything in common but are best friends. Soon, the three of them start talking about "the club", but won't tell what they are doing. But eventually, they trust Bella enough to tell her about the club - The Spanking Club.
  • Raising a Crown Princess Andrew is the head of the tours and museums at the Royal Palace. He is well known for his deep knowledge. One day he gets a mission from the King himself: To teach little Crown Princess Juliana about her heritage and the history. And even more: he wants him to spend time with her since the little girl needs male role models as well...
  • The punishments at Straland school This series will tell about people and experiences at Straland School, a modern school in todays USA that still uses traditional bare bottom spanking and paddling as punishment for the students.
  • Maria's new babysitter Nine-year-old Maria's new sitter, Robin, is very strict. He seems to get angry as soon as Maria breaks a single little rule. Soon he not only punish her by sending her to her room - he starts giving her spankings! And Maria finds out that her mother has given Robin permission to punish Maria properly whenever he finds her disobedient.
  • The spanking scene The Director's goal is to make the whole setting as realistic as possible. That includes the scene where young Eleonora gets a birching. Thus, to make it realistic enough, all three ten-year-old girls who alternate in the role, agrees to show their bare bottoms on stage. But one of the girls seems to have an idea on making the scene even more realistic...

Series written in EnglishEdit

(readable online on Fictionpress )

Illustration for chapter five of The Stowaway.
  • My brother Johan and me, currently 77 chapters (mainly M/f)
  • Mr. Andrew's spankings (Mainly M/f, M/m, F/f), currently 20 chapters
  • Spankings at the Norman family (F/f, f/f), currently 17 chapters
  • At the headmasters office (M/f, M/m), first five chapters
  • The Naughty Room (F/f, M/f, F/m, M/m), currently 9 chapters
  • The Stowaway (M/f), first 3 chapters
  • Uncle Sten (f/f, M/f), currently six chapters
  • How my life changed (F/f, M/f), currently five chapters
  • The spanking club (f/f, f/m, m/f), currently 12 chapters
  • Raising a Crown Princess (F/f, M/f), currently six chapters
  • Melissa and Filippa (F/f, M/f), currently four chapters
  • The spanking scene (F/f, f/f), currently three chapters
  • Cousin's child (M/f), three chapters
  • What she deserves (M/f, F/f), three chapters
  • Maria's new babysitter (M/f), currently five chapters
  • The punishments at Straland school (M/f, M/m), currently five chapters
  • The spanking jar (M/f, F/m), currently two chapters
  • The Lisa stories (M/f, F/f, F/m, M/m, f/f, f/m, m/f), different stories with same main characters
  • The Samantha stories (M/f, F/f), different stories with same main character
  • Emma's diary (X/f), currently nine chapters
  • A spanking lesson (M/f), currently two chapters
  • To raise a Queen (M/f), first three chapters (partly translated)
  • Master Berg (M/ff), three chapters
  • 'Mr. S (M/f, M/m), currently three chapters
  • Curiosity (f/f, F/f), first chapter
  • Four courners (/f, /m), first chapter
  • The cubby (M/f), first chapter
  • On the countryside (M/ff), first chapter
  • 'The spanking coach (M/f), first chapter

Stories written in EnglishEdit

(readable online on Fictionpress )

Parental/sibling spanking stories:

  • I'm going to get it (M/f), Qqll's first story entirely written in English
  • Trick or treat (F/f)
  • Brother-sister (m/f), based on a drawing by Mame
  • Hot summer evening (M/mf), based on a drawing by Mame
  • Afternoon at the park (M/f), based on a drawing by Mame
  • Michael's foster child (M/f)
  • Birch rods are everlasting (F/f)
  • Sophie gets the hairbrush (f/f)
  • Never too old (F/m)
  • It didn't hurt (F/f, M/f)
  • Rosa's five reasons (M/f)
  • Three Christmas gifts (M/f)
  • To do what is needed (f/m)
  • The last spanking (M/f)
  • Two mischiveous sisters (m/ff)
  • Little smacks (f/x, F/f)
  • Diary (X/f)
  • It's just a spanking (/f), poem
  • The story of the boy who didn't want to go to school (Old Swedish build-up story and poem, freshly written in english X/m)

School spanking stories:

  • The choice (M/f)
  • From a headmasters point of view (M/f)
  • The Queen of the class (M/f) partly translated
  • My French teacher (F/f), partly translated

Other adult-child spanking stories:

  • All I want for Christmas (M/f)
  • Story number 100 (M/f)
  • Guilt (M/f)
  • Summercamp (M/f)
  • Following your belief (M/f)
  • Chastisement at the whisky distillery (M/f)
  • The best music (F/f)
  • Uncle Claus (M/f), based on a drawing by Mame
  • The bond between them (M/f)


  • When Santa rescued her Christmas (M/f)
  • Zoe's Christmas spanking (M/f)
  • Dark night (X/f)
  • Santa changes everything (M/f)
  • The witch in the woods (F/mf)
  • Night before Christmas/The Twins spankings from Santa (M/mf)

Fan fiction:

  • Punishing a blood traitor (Harry Potter Universe) (m/f)

Translated storiesEdit

(readable online on Fictionpress)

  • The meadow (m/f)
  • The friendship spanking (F/mf)
  • The hairbrush (M/f)
  • Johanna, my babysitter (f/f)
  • North forest school, first two chapters (M/mmf)
  • Malin (M/f)
  • Outside family (F/f)
  • When Karin was saucy (F/f)
  • The Queen of the class (M/f)
  • Children playing mother and child (old Swedish poem, f/x)
  • Lullaby (old Swedish song, f/x)
  • Maja's lullaby for the doll (old Swedish song)
  • The chantarelle family (old Swedish song, F/m)


  • Fictionpress Qqll's fictionpress page with his stories
  • Smisksidan (featuring a few of Qqll's stories, in Swedish,  Warning:  )