RENT-A-GIRL (1965) is an independent sexploitation film written and directed by William L. Rose. It stars Barbara Wood, Franklyn Spenser, Christopher Inge, Theresa Morgano, and Elizabeth Walker.

This is a typical example of the type of low-budget, sex-and-sadism "roughies" produced in New York in the mid-to-late sixties. This trend began with the surprise success of the notorious "Olga" trilogy of 1964 (see Olga's House of Shame). Mostly crude, black-and-white films that played in seedy "grindhouse" theaters before the era of pornographic features.

These films focus on sordid subjects (prostitution, white slavery, sex-crazed killers, etc.) and include generous amounts of T&A nudity (without showing genitalia), lesbianism and non-explicit rough sex. Other ingredients include bondage, whipping, spanking, torture, and various perversions. RENT-A-GIRL has many of these elements plus better production values than most of the films in this genre.

Director William L. Rose was the cinematographer for Olga's House of Shame and went on to direct other roughie films with whipping and spanking scenes such as Pamela, Pamela you are... (1968), and The Girl in Room 2a (1973).


The naive Karen (Barbara Wood) goes to work posing for lingerie (and later, topless) photos for a modelling agency run by brother-sister team, Adam and Evelyn. What she doesn't know is that the agency's real business is renting out submissive girls to be abused by their wealthy and kinky clients.

One client, the elegant Harriet Grant, hires "Kitten" to be her French maid wearing just underwear and an apron. Two guests look on as Kitten's palms are beaten with a whip handle for being clumsy. Another client, an eccentric artist, uses the naked body of his model as a canvas. And a perverted photographer ties up his topless model and drenches her with a garden hose.

The spanking scenesEdit

The climax of the film occurs at a wild and decadent party thrown by Mrs. Grant. Three models lose their clothes playing strip pool, men and women give each other pony rides, and other women get smacked as they crawl between the legs of other guests. Two underwear-clad girls wearing masks grapple on the floor and spank each other with rolled up newspapers.

Karen agrees to be initiated into Adam and Evelyn's private club. She is blindfolded and kneels to take the loyalty oath, but is whacked twice with a fraternity/sorority type Greek paddle for hesitating. (The paddle, with unusual vertical stripes, is the same type used by Raven Hill Studios in many of their "reality" videos.) At the end of the ceremony, she screams as her thigh is seared with a hot branding iron.

Next, Evelyn and Kitten blackmail Mrs. Grant into paying them as well as submitting to a humiliating punishment session. Grant is thrown face down onto the bed. Kitten picks up a more traditional-looking Greek paddle and gives her 31 hard whacks. Then her dress is unzipped, exposing her back for 25 severe lashes with a braided flogger.

(You can watch a video clip of this scene at the Internet Archive and on YouTube.)

Bonus spanking shortEdit

This was released on DVD by Something Weird Video as part of a triple feature. Two other exploitation films, Aroused (1966), and Help Wanted, Female (1968) are included along with a remarkable short subject: Lesson of the Strap.

Lesson of the Strap is a silent black-and-white spanking loop that closely resembles the short fetish films of Irving Klaw. It appears to be from the late '50s or early '60s. A blonde woman in her underwear, stockings, and high heels is bound to a table. Another similarly clad woman vigorously hand-spanks her (no titular strap) for the entire film (which runs 2:38). A most interesting and mysterious curio that has no production credits.

This can be viewed online at the Internet Archive

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