Raven Hill Studios

Christmas card sent to Raven Hill customers.

Raven Hill Studios is a U.S. spanking video producer that has been in business since 1994. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company is owned and operated by Terence M. Smith (a.k.a Tierre Ainese) and the avuncular Richard Lewis. The majority of their films, both scripted and reality-based, features either Ainese or Lewis administering the on-camera punishments. They also sell a number of domestic and imported videos from other producers.

Style and contentEdit

Nearly all of Raven Hill's original material is centered around M/F (male-spanks-female) scenarios. But they also have a few all-female (F/F) and mixed M/F-F/F titles. The company concentrates on traditional corporal punishment themes (no dungeon S&M or elaborate bondage) and showcases a wide variety of spanking implements.

Their videos, organized by subject at their website, fall into the following categories: school themed spanking, reality spankings (beach girls and resolved by corporal punishment series), lawless girls (prison and jail scenarios), religion-inspired spankings, foreign-themed, old-fashioned family values, real life spankings (Spankin' Down The Highway series), Russian spankings, and girls spanking boys.

In addition, they also distribute 38 volumes of the Russian Slaves series produced by Nettles Corp. The series has been renamed "Russian Spankings" (formerly "Tears from Russia"). And they've recently added some male-submissive femdom titles produced by Bad Lad Entertainment.

In 2002 they released a pair of foreign videos under new titles: Czech Brutal - A Night of Beating and Czech Brutal 2 - Ruining his Bad Girl's Rear. These turned out to be unauthorized copies of Neighbour and Cane on Nail from Rigid East (now Lupus Pictures) in the Czech Republic. Those titles have since been removed from Raven Hill's catalog.

Reality Spanking VideosEdit

Raven Hill has carved out a niche in fetish-film history by pioneering the reality spanking video concept. Years before the reality TV trend took hold of the media, Ainese and Lewis came up with the Beach Girl Spankings series. Walking the beaches of Florida, they interviewed bikini-clad babes, offering a cash reward (revealed in a later video to be $500) to endure three 5-minute spankings at a rented beach house nearby. After an obligatory over the knee hand-spanking, the girls blindly select the next two implements (hairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, etc.) off a board in mock game-show fashion.

This idea was expanded in the Spankin' Down The Highway series (originally The Great American Spanking Roadshow) with the guys convincing girls to enter their RV camper for a 3-part punishment session as they drove from Florida to Ohio.

The camper was used again in the two-part Louisiana Lickin's at Mardi Gras, supposedly filmed in New Orleans. However, this appears to be a cleverly staged hoax. "Danielle", the first girl they "randomly" meet on the street, is actually well-known bondage-fetish model Christina Carter. All the Mardi Gras scenes are stock footage inserts and the "girls gone wild" that get spanked are only seen against a blank wall, never in a crowd, with generic crowd noises added to the audio track. This series in particular has brought the authenticity of their other so-called reality videos into question.

Raven Hill's most successful reality series is Resolved by Corporal Punishment. Here they offer to pay the out-of-court settlement for attractive girls facing a small claims court lawsuit in exchange for submitting to three punishments. This comprises a five-minute over the knee hand spanking followed by another five minutes of implement spanking (with a hairbrush, paddle, or strap) and concludes with a 30-stroke caning or switching. There are 26 volumes in this series thus far.


DVDs, videos, and downloads are available at their pay site that offers access to spanking photos, video clips, spanking stories and articles. Membership costs $14.99 per month. 'Platinum Membership' for $24.99 per month is required to watch full-length spanking videos online.

In addition, they have a pay-per-view theatre on this website called Raven Hill TV in which videos can be watched without membership for $9.99 per video. However, this site's broadcast schedule has not been updated since 2017.

The once-prolific company has been inactive, with no new material (besides compilation discs of older titles) added since around 2011. Parts of the webpage remain "under construction" with no site updates since 2015.